Absolutely. We encourage you let us incorporate your ideas into your own design. We will provide detailed CAD drawings for you through the process. Once a design is approved we use that CAD drawing to build your door. Below are examples of what the design drawings will look like:

Absolutely.  We will work with you to design a custom door handle pull.  The door will be bored for a traditional dead bolt above the pull handle so you can lock the door.

Since a door handle pull doesn’t have the traditional spring bolt system we install heavy duty roller latches in the door to hold it shut when in the closed position.  This allows for the door to be open or closed by simply pushing or pulling the door.

Yes.  All of our doors come with door seals, glass seals, and sweeps.  Unless otherwise specified all of our thresholds are built into the door.

Absolutely. A high density insulating foam is injected throughout the door body and jamb/frame.


You can select or order your custom door with left or right hand swing.  This is usually a matter of preference often influenced by the design of your house.  Factors like light switches, or entries to other rooms like a study off the foray typically influence this choice.  We can help you decide.

Doors can be hinged to swing in or out.  Your local building code will dictate this requirement.  Most building code requires residential doors to swing in and commercial applications swing to swing out.

Yes.  On entries featuring double door units, the inactive door panel is equipped with a flush bolt system allowing it to remain locked and stationary when not in use but full opens when needed so both panels can be opened at the same time.

Yes.  All our doors come pre-hung on custom made jambs that match the door.  They are pre-hung on heavy duty barrel type hinges that are welded to the door and jamb.

For doors with active hinged glass panels we do no recommend lever handles for the interior side of the door.  The lever can interfere with the operation of the glass panel and in some circumstances the glass panel may no leave enough clearance for the lever to operate.  You should use a knob for these applications.

If you ordered a door with fixed glass a lever or knob will be fine.

Yes at an additional cost.  In fact we recommend that you let us do this for you to make sure the hardware and door operate properly.

No unless otherwise stated.  Each person’s preference and taste in door hardware is different and there are many choices of styles and colors.  We have found that most customers prefer to purchase their on handsets.  We can supply a hardware at an additional cost or provide recommendations.

Our doors are designed for standard handle sets. 2 1/8″ bore, 2 3/8″ back-set, 5 1/2″ center.  Custom bore configurations are available to suit your requirements.

Most doors are 1 1/2: –  2″ thick.  However we can make other sizes for special requirements.

Yes.  We can ship to most areas in the contiguous United States.

Yes.  We deliver any door we install in the local area.  We can also deliver for DIY projects.

Yes.  Once your rough opening has been framed the installation of our doors is fairly easy with help.  The doors are heavy and  you must have someone help you install.  We can provide basic guidance to help you with your DIY install.

Yes.  We offer installation services for new and remodel projects.  Pricing for installation is determined on a per project basis.

Yes.  Most of our in stock inventory comes with insulated glass.  On custom built doors we recommend upgrading to insulated glass.  Insulated glass provides a temperature barrier.

Insulated glazing (IG), often referred to as double glazing (or double-pane), are double glass window panes separated by an air or other gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope.

Yes.  On custom built doors you can choose different glass textures, patterns, and tint colors.

Ironclad Door’s products are are typically made using 14 gauge steel, and ornamental work is typically forged from 5/8″ solid iron.