Finish Options

Make a statement with one of our customized faux finishes. Scroll below to select your personalized glass options.

Glass Options

PATTERNED GLASS: Patterned glass adds a beautiful custom design element, while providing privacy by obscuring what is seen through the glass. Any glass pattern may be combined with standard glass to create a double pane. For example, clear, bronze, or gray tinted glass may be combined with a patterned glass. Additionally, you may use patterned glass on both the interior and exterior of the door to create a double pane. Please note that pattern and availability may vary.

CLEAR AND TINTED GLASS: Choose from clear, tinted bronze or tinted gray glass. For double pane, or insulated glazing (IG), glass you may mix and match clear and tinted options. You can even mix the patterned options above with a clear or tinted glass for a custom double pane look.

Handle Options

Pick the perfect handle to finish out your custom design. We have many options, a few shown below:

Screen Option

You have the ability to add a screen to your door, if you’ve chosen the option to have your glass open. 
Adding a screen gives you the benefit of fresh air without the chance of unwanted pests and foliage coming in, or pets and children getting out. 
Below is a beautiful example of how we attach an additional screen: